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ESAO Awards Olive Oil Competition

Campaign 2021/22

Discover the best Extra Virgin Olive Oils of the world

Get to know the winners and finalists of the ESAO Awards, the official prizes of the Olive Oil School of Spain. The awards include:

  •  6 categories
  • 2 rankings: by countries and by Spanish regions

Let's get started!

Best International EVOO

Meet the three best extra virgin olive oils in the world and the 10 finalists.

These EVOOs have been produced by Producers and Cooperatives from seven different countries.

PRODUCER: Anyone who cultivates their olive grove (regardless of the farmer) to produce their own brand of oil.

COOPERATIVE: Any company whose legal form is cooperative.



FIRST PRIZE: San Giuliano Cuor d’Olivo Fruttato by Domenico Manca. Varieties bosana and coratina. Italy.

SECOND PRIZE: Brunotti Biologico l'Olivaggio by Olio Brunotti. Italy.

THIRD PRIZE: La Quinta Esencia Verde Premium by Santísimo Cristo de la Misericordia SCA. Variety picual. Spain.

  • Mueloliva de Muela-Olives SL. Coupage of picuda and hojiblanca. Spain.
  • Gran Reserva by Accademia Olearia. Italy.
  • Isul Ecológico by Almazara Ecológica de La Rioja. Variety Arbequina. Spain.
  • Fuente La Parra de Fuente la Parra CB. Variety picudo. Spain.
  • DOP Sardegna de Accademia Olearia. Italy.
  • Puerta de las Villas Picual Temprano de S.C.A. San Vicente. Variety picual. Spain.
  • El Empiedro DOP Priego de Córdoba de SCA Olivarera La Purísima. Variety hojiblanca. Spain.
  • Palacio de los Olivos Arbequina by Olivapalacios SL. Variety arbequina. Spain.
  • Finca Los Remedios de Agrogarmo Inversiones, S.L. Coupage sikitita and koroneiki. Spain.
  • La Masada Roya by Aceite La Masada Roya. Spain.

In addition, the EVOOs of this category have been organized into two rankings:

Best Extra Virgin Olive Oils by Country and Best Extra Virgin Olive Oils by Spanish region

Best EVOO Packager / Trader

We present the best extra virgin olive oils from packagers or traders, that is, from those companies or individuals who sell an existing or manufactured EVOO, but with their brand in the packaging.



FIRST PRIZE: Gallo Azeite Novo Colheita by Gallo Worldwide. Coupage of cobrançosa,  cornicabra, picual and hojiblanca.

SECOND PRIZE: Gallo Azeite Grande Escolha by Gallo Worldwide. Coupage of cobrançosa,  cornicabra, picual and hojiblanca.

THIRD PRIZE: Rosario Early Harvest by Dansk Fødevareimport ApS. Variety Manzanilla Cacereña.

  • Gallo Azeite Bio by Gallo Worldwide. Variety Picual.
  • Gallo Azeite Reserva by Gallo Worldwide. Coupage of cobrançosa, madural, picual and hojiblanca.
  • Rosario by Dansk Fødevareimport ApS. Variety manzanilla cacereña.
  • Gallo Azeite Colheita Madura de Gallo Worldwide. Coupage of verdeal, cornicabra, picual, hojiblanca  and arbequina.
  • Gallo Azeite Clássico by Gallo Worldwide. Varieties cobrançosa, picual, verdeal and arbequina.
  • Recuérdame by Exportadora Andaluza de Aceites SL. Variety Picual.
  • Jordan Olivenöl - Bambatsa - extra wildes natives Olivenöl extra by Jordan Olivenöl GmbH. Varieties kolovi and adramitiani.
  • 1490 AOVE by Autor de 1490 Fuente de la Rosa SC. Variety picual.

Local Variety Award

Through this category, the special interest and dedication to preserve, conserve and disseminate local varieties are rewarded. These are unknown varieties and generally of special agronomic difficulty, which sometimes tend to be uprooted or are replaced by other more profitable ones.

The "Local Variety Award" for the Best Extra Virgin Olive Oil of Local, Native or Special Interest Variety has gone to four EVOOs that have been ex-aequo.



EX-AEQUO: Aove Radix Nostra Milenaria by Oli de Sant Jordi S.L., variety Farga. Sant Jordi, Canet Lo Roig, Traiguera y La Jana, Castellón, Spain.

EX-AEQUO: Óleo Pepillo Royal by  Oleopepillo, variety Royal. Valdepeñas, Ciudad Real, Spain.

EX-AEQUO: Aove Radix Nostra Nana de Sant Jordi S.L., variety nana. Sant Jordi and sorroundings, Castellón, Spain.

EX-AEQUO: Oliva & Oliva by Sociedad Agrícola Campoameno SL, variety Verdial de Badajoz. Oliva de Mérida, Badajoz, Spain.

Innovation Award

The Innovation Award to the national or international producer, cooperative or packer that has been presented with its innovation has gone to:



FIRST PRIZE: Oligarum Oro Elixir de Vida by Oli de Xàbia, for its commitment associating aove with creativity, health and beauty

SECOND PRIZE: Proyecto Oli de Filaters  by Quatre fills, S.L. for its sustainable nature, support for the rural environment and promotion of local varieties.

THIRD PRIZE: Oliveheart by Olive Oil Process S.L., for its innovative and sustainable packaging. Its association between EVOO and health is also rewarded.

Best Olive Oil Seasoning

Get to know the best condiments, flavored or infused oils where the base is virgin or extra olive oil.

The jury has scored the special cleanliness and authenticity of the aroma that each condiment reproduces.

ESAO is committed to the dissemination of olive oil culture in general and extra virgin olive oil in particular. Flavored oils can be a gateway to olive oil culture and olive oil is a gateway to virgin olive oils and these in turn to extra virgin. Distributors, importers and final consumers have accepted flavored oils in their kitchens and this fact should not be overlooked.



FIRST PRIZE: Octobris Naranja BIO by Octobris. Orange flavor. Comunidad Valenciana, Spain.

SECOND PRIZE: Laconiko Meyer Lemon by Laconiko. Variety koroneiki flavored with lemon. Trinisia, Laconia, Greece.

THIRD PRIZE: Clemen Selección Mandarina by Aceites Clemen, S.L. Coupage with tangerine. Extremadura, Spain.


  • Laconiko Rosemary by Laconiko. Variety koroneiki flavored with rosemary. Trinisia, Laconia, Greece.
  • AOVE con aroma natural a humo by Sustento Global SL.
  • Oligarum Picante a la antigua Elixir de vida by Oli de Xàbia.

Best Organic EVOO From Valencian Community

Discover the three best organic extra virgin olive oils from the Valencian Community and the 5 finalists.

This special category is developed in collaboration with the Organic Agriculture Committee of the Valencian Community (CAECV).

These EVOOs are certified by the CAECV and comply with current organic production regulations.



FIRST PRIZE: Tossut Dels Pouets Collita Primerenca by Proenhec Consultoria Estrategica S.L, variety picual. Pedreguer, Alicante.

SECOND PRIZE: Verí Collita Primerenca by Tossut Agroecologia Sostenible, by Proenhec Consultoria Estrategica S.L, variety alfafarenca. Pedreguer, Alicante.

THIRD PRIZE: Finca Varona La Vella Ecológico by Organia Oleum S.L.,  Coupage, Sant Mateu, Castellón.

  • 565 MSNM, coupage of arbequino, alfafarenca and villalonga. Millena, Alicante.
  • Castell de la Costurera Ecológico. Coupage of blanqueta, maçanella and picual. Balones, Alicante.
  • Octobris Verde BIO. Variety picual. Villena, Alicante.
  • Lo Canetà. Variety Farga.  Canet Lo Roig, Castellón.
  • Lo Canetà. Variety Regués.  Canet Lo Roig, Castellón.


Best Extra Virgin Olive Oils by countries


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