Master Olive Oil Consultant Certification

List of students certified by the Olive Oil School of Spain

Below is a list of the students of the Master Olive Oil Consultant Certification who have been trained and certified by ESAO, the Olive Oil School of Spain.

Hovering over the photographs you will be able to access information such as the name, country, company and some social networks of each professional.

Olive Oil Consultants

Certified by ESAO


The Master Olive Oil Consultant Certification  is the highest degree that can be obtianed within the Olive Oil School of Spain.

Certified consultants are prepared to:

  • Start a successful business in the olive oil sector / optimize your own business.
  • Advise other professionals and help them improve their businesses in the olive sector.
  • Access positions of greater responsibility within the company itself.

Felipe Borges

Phoron Consulting,Spain

Luis M. Martínez

Aceites Montaña,Spain

Carles Pérez

Castell de la Costurera,Spain

Rui Perdigão

Grupo Nabeiro, Portugal

Melita Anusic


Laura Valvanne

DeliDeli, Finland

Marianna Devetzoglou

Oleosophia, Greece

Fares Mabrouk

Oleaster, Tunisia

Ricardo Leonardo

APAP – Associação de Produtores Agrícolas de Precisão, Portugal

Roberto Rodriguez


Maria Christakakou

Spartan Delicacies Christakakos, Greece

Magdalena Orzechowska

Aroma di Olio, United Arab Emirates

Emine Colin

Oro di Milas, USA

Students in progress


Dimitri Anastopoulos


Mikael Livas

Kala & Mata, Greece

Paulo Velhinho

Pieralisi, Portugal

Jacobo Mariño


Miguel Ángel Arjona

Arjona Intermediarios, España

Master Olive Oil Consultant Certification

Ensure the Success of your Business

Master Olive Oil Consultant Certification

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